Turkish Calligraphy

As The Holly Qur’an was complied into a book, many scribes were trained to preserve the revelation in the best possible way. In compliance with the utmost importance Islam gave to science and literature, the art of writing has developed significantly to become a distinguished branch of fine arts.

The art of Calligraphy has reached today's standards after undergoing various transformations throughout centuries, bringing invaluable works into existence. Turkish Calligraphy is the combination of letters of Latin alphabet which were adopted as of the foundation of the Turkish Republic in the 20th Century, with the art of Islamic Calligraphy (Husn-i Hat).

Turkish Calligraphy, basically, is the writing of Latin letters applied within the esthetics of Calligraphy, which has received interest to a certain degree in the last 30 years. 20-30 Individuals are estimated to be dealing professionally with Turkish Calligraphy. To mention some of their names: Sinan Sinangil, Hasan Erdogan, Ismail Uzumlu and Eray Idil.

The scribes usually display their skills at fairs and exhibitions as they produce works of Calligraphy in a few seconds without any template, in the presence of visitors with customized on-demand applications. The Admirers of this art ask the scribe to write a person’s name, the name of a company, or beautiful saying on cards, key rings, plates and tablets to use as ornaments of gifts.